Looking Ahead: October Gathering with Select

Trap Culture’s Gathering series continues with a spooky soiree, featuring Select Cannabis, on October 29th at the Lounge SoHo in Mesa, AZ.

At Trap Culture headquarters, there is never much downtime. Whether organizing events like Cannafest or Mangia Ganja, or making appearances at festivals like Goldrush, the Trap crew are constantly working to bring the cannabis community together and provide them with unforgettable experiences.

It’s precisely that desire that has driven the team to organize what teases to be one of the best Gatherings yet, with the vendor spotlight fixed squarely on well-known and cannabis brand, Select.

It’s all scheduled to go down on October 29th, smack-dab in the middle of Halloween weekend. As such, one can expect this installment of Trap Culture’s monthly nightlife series to be a particularly high-spirited affair.

For those so inclined, the event will include a costume contest—the finalists of which will compete for a variety of prizes from some of Arizona’s best cannabis brands. Those interested will need to sign up before the cutoff period, which will be announced during the event.

Meanwhile, those for whom a night of disguise and whimsy doesn’t seem particularly enjoyable will still find ample amusement by way of the best treats. Of course, in this case “treats” refer to cannabis, which seemingly flows forth freely during every Gathering.

The presence of Select as October’s featured vendor is going to make the night even more spectacular—the cannabis powerhouse is known, among other things, for products aimed at curing your sweet tooth.

Whether it’s Select’s classic Bites, intergalactic X Bites, sleep-conducive Snooze Bites or fast-acting Nano Bites line, one can be certain that any dulce desires will be dispatched (as will one’s mind, to the outer reaches of Earth’s atmosphere) after sampling Select’s delicious edible offerings.

The sweetness of Select doesn’t stop with its array of gummies, however. The brand also has something for the parched among us looking to quench their thirst. In a market wherein seemingly everyone has their own line of liquid water enhancer—from relative newcomers Mio to old familiar brands like Kool-aid and (soda brand) Crush—Select has thrown its hat in the ring with Squeeze, a formidable competitor.

There’s one obvious difference with Squeeze, and it’s something that gives the product an advantage over any others: weed. Specifically, the flavored water enhancer is full of nano-emulsified THC specifically designed to quickly deliver desired effects (Squeeze can begin to work in as few as 15 minutes).

All of this is to mention nothing of Select’s other specialties (cartridges, pods and tinctures). To be sure, any event where Select is the veritable guest of honor is likely to go down in the history books as a memorable one, indeed. Combine that with the current “Spooky SZN” that has descended upon us, and this month’s Gathering is sure to be one the haunted hashers in the Valley will not want to miss.

With more details on October’s Gathering forthcoming, it’s safe to assume there are even more devilish delights in store for event-goers. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to stay posted about all the hair-raising info, including how to score tickets (coming very soon).