Fully Medicated Events

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind event experience with exceptional medicated treats, drinks, and creations from your favorite local Chefs

real VIP experience

Party in the VIP with Trap Culture at all of our events for  exclusive free treats from special vendors and a true VIP experience 

Live Music & entertainment

Live music from EDM & hip-hop to pop & rock, enjoy first class entertainment.

Trap Culture™

Promotion Company

Trap Culture™ is the pre-eminent curator of the most immersive, engaging cannabis-friendly social events in Arizona. From food festivals and comedy showcases, to private parties and concert series, each Trap Culture™ event is meticulously planned and coordinated with interactivity, inclusivity and the individual experience in mind. The result is an array of consumption-friendly gatherings, attended by a rapidly growing community of cannabis lovers from all over Arizona. The Trap Culture™ ethos reaches past the momentous, unforgettable cannabis events we host. Beyond the festivities, and the good times that consistently ensue, we nurture a spirit of togetherness, a lifestyle and a collective of cannabis lovers, and we’re always on the lookout for like-minded individuals to join our tribe. Make a plan to attend a Trap Culture™ event near you, where the possibilities are limited only by the boundaries of your imagination!

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