Trap Culture’s Euphoric High Lounge Takeover (VIDEO)

High Lounge Takeover

The High Lounge Takeover was night of cannabis culture and Community at Tempe’s premier lounge.

In the heart of Tempe’s lively Mill Avenue, Trap Culture recently orchestrated a remarkable takeover event at the esteemed High Lounge, transforming an ordinary evening into a thrilling celebration of cannabis culture and camaraderie. This event wasn’t just a gathering; it was a vibrant showcase of the seamless harmony among Trap Culture’s distinguished brands: GreenPharms, Mad Terp Labs, and CIGAWEEDS.

The High Lounge is a smoking lounge adjacent to High Maintenance Smoke Shop. Both are owned and operated by Jason “Sir High” Horn, who also hosts the immensely popular High In Arizona podcast. The lounge’s eclectic décor and a very chill ambiance, provided a haven for dabblers and connoisseurs alike.

Whether they came to rent a bong for their own personal stash, or they specifically came for the takeover, the smokers were out en masse, taking a moment at each of the brand’s booths to be uplifted.

Setting off on this dynamic journey, the “Trap Gang” – Alex repping for GreenPharms, Ajee for CIGAWEEDS, and Natosha boosting for Mad Terp Labs – emerged as lively brand ambassadors. Their infectious zeal and deep understanding of their brands guided attendees through an educational and entertaining exploration of the cannabis landscape.

GreenPharms, known for cannabis excellence, graciously treated guests to complimentary bong rips of their Milk Truck strain. This strain, celebrated for its lush and tranquil effects, quickly stole the spotlight, sparking conversations and lifting spirits. Milk Truck’s chill nature seemed to set the vibes throughout the entire High Lounge takeover.

Meanwhile, Mad Terp Labs, renowned for innovation in cannabis concentrates, proudly showcased their Face Off OG, a product lauded for its rich terpene profile. This sensory delight took center stage, drawing attendees into an immersive dabbing experience that was both enlightening and exhilarating.

On another front, CIGAWEEDS made a splash with their latest creation, Loosies – elegantly packaged ciga-style smokes, tailored for those seeking a singular indulgence. The Loosies were given out, along with a variety of stylish swag, embodying CIGAWEEDS’ dedication to sophistication and individuality in the cannabis lifestyle.

Watch: Trap Culture’s Euphoric High Lounge Takeover (VIDEO)

As the evening unfolded, the High Lounge takeover morphed into a lively tapestry of shared anecdotes, laughter, and premium sessions. This gathering transcended the mere enjoyment of top-tier cannabis products; it evolved into a celebration of togetherness, culture, and the connections fostered through shared passions.

The air buzzed with a sense of belonging, as each attendee was welcomed into the Trap family. The evening served as a testament to the potency of community in the cannabis realm. It was a night where barriers dissolved, and bonds formed.

Heartfelt appreciation is extended to the High Lounge and Jason “Sir High” Horn for providing the ideal venue for this extraordinary event. The dedication of Alex, Natosha, and Ajee in representing their brands authentically and passionately elevated the evening to more than just a triumph – it became a milestone in Trap Culture’s narrative.

As the High Lounge takeover came to a close, a collective sense of satisfaction and anticipation permeated the air. This event by Trap Culture was not just a social affair; it was a beacon of what the cannabis community embodies – inclusivity, joy, and unity in appreciation for the finer aspects of the cannabis experience.

Here’s to the future of Trap Culture and the family of brands to which we belong, where our sessions aren’t merely a moment but a memory engraved in the hearts of all who partake. Cheers to the good times, the positive vibes, and the indomitable spirit of the cannabis community! 🌿💨✨


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