Recap: Trap LIVE at MITA’s February Event (VIDEO)


The gang returns with Trap LIVE at MITA’s monthly AZ meetup to catch up with old friends and meet tons of new ones. Watch the highlights in the video below.

In the heart of Scottsdale’s buzzing nightlife scene, February’s MITA networking event unfolded like a dream for Arizona’s cannabis aficionados and pioneers. Taking place at Pour Decisions in Old Town, this event wasn’t just another gathering; it marked a triumphant return for the Trap Culture team to the MITA scene, following their own streak of hit events.

The ambiance was electrifying, with conversations meandering as effortlessly as the smoky night air. Ajee and Alex gave an excellent and informative tour of the crowd and vendors. To be sure they were the lifeblood of the stream, weaving through the crowd with mics in tow, capturing the event’s vibrant essence. Their interactions with vendors and guests went beyond mere pleasantries, delving deep into the community’s heart – breakthroughs, aspirations and the collective journey of those joined by the common thread of the cannabis industry (and a love for toking).

Lunchbox, the night’s Spotlight Vendor, reigned supreme in the vendor spotlight, a brand that’s etched its name in the hearts of Arizona’s cannabis enthusiasts. Their iconic tin lunchboxes aren’t just containers; they’re coveted collectibles, a nod to their unwavering dedication to brand excellence. Brochachi, the fabled brand ambassador of Lunchbox, was a magnetic, drawing attendees eager to find out more about the increasingly popular brand.

CAKE shone brightly, with an iconic pink neon glow literally serving as a symbol of inventiveness and panache. Their space was a haven for those attracted to their bright aura, a physical and figurative testament to their avant-garde branding in the cannabis space.

A wave of inspiration washed over the Trap LIVE stream as Rocky from BestBudzAZ spoke with Alex to make a special announcement. With the support of Spirit Nation WCV and the legendary Juan Cano Sanchez, she is now owner of her own license, a significant step forward for the hardworking entrepreneur.

More than just a shift from leasing to ownership, this move is about empowerment, it’s about stepping into a space where BestBudzAZ could wholly unleash their culinary cannabis creativity through edibles, nano-emulsification, and distinctive blends. Indeed, the news serves as a testament to Rocky’s determination when it comes to carving her niche in the industry.

Local heroes like Baked Bros, Pucks, Evol, and the trailblazing Flycker Lighter lent their voices to the event’s chorus, displaying a spectrum of expertise and enthusiasm. Each vendor painted a vivid picture of our local market, a snapshot of the industry’s wider aspirations.

The night was a nice merging of industry stalwarts and emerging entrepreneurs. Conversations flowed, business cards changed hands, and new alliances blossomed under the clear desert sky.

But the evening was more than a celebration; it was a moment for introspection, pondering the journeys taken and those yet to commence. Each narrative shared on Trap Live at MITA was a gem in the night’s mosaic, a collection of memories and learnings to cherish.

As the night wound down, the energy lingered, stored for future ventures. There was a shared sense that this was merely the prologue to grander chapters, a collective stride forward for a community united by more than business – by a shared vision for the future of Arizona’s cannabis landscape.

For those who missed out, and even for attendees, stay informed about next month’s event by visiting MITA’s website, and check out our recap in the video below.



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