Nevada’s First Cannabis Consumption Lounge to Open in Las Vegas Feb 23rd

cannabis consumption lounge

Las Vegas, renowned as the city of dazzling lights, boundless entertainment, and exhilarating experiences, is poised to elevate its allure with the debut of Nevada’s inaugural cannabis consumption lounge.

Aptly named “Smoke and Mirrors,” this lounge emerges under the ownership of Thrive Cannabis Marketplace, a trailblazing dispensary chain within the state. Recently securing the final seal of approval from the Nevada Cannabis Control Board (CCB) on February 1, 2024, Smoke and Mirrors eagerly anticipates its grand opening later this month.

Set against the backdrop of the vibrant Las Vegas landscape, Smoke and Mirrors will serve as a sanctuary where adults aged 21 and above can indulge in the purchase and consumption of an eclectic array of marijuana products within a convivial ambiance, free from the specter of legal repercussions or undue disturbance to others. Patrons will revel in the opportunity to savor their preferred strains of flower, concentrates, delectable edibles, and non-alcoholic THC-infused beverages, while also delving into the exploration of novel offerings and enriching their understanding of cannabis. Moreover, the lounge will play host to an array of entertainment delights, including live musical performances, captivating art showcases, and engaging events.

Conveniently nestled adjacent to Thrive’s existing dispensary on Sahara Avenue, in close proximity to the iconic Las Vegas Strip, Smoke and Mirrors promises a lavish interior characterized by expansive spaces, tasteful décor, plush seating arrangements, a generously stocked bar, and a dedicated stage to showcase live acts. Operating from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, the lounge is primed to accommodate up to 150 patrons at a time, ensuring ample opportunities for communal revelry and relaxation.

“We are absolutely elated to introduce this distinctive and enthralling experience to our valued customers and the broader cannabis community,” exclaimed Mitch Britten, the CEO of Thrive. “Smoke and Mirrors embodies a sanctuary where individuals can forge meaningful connections with fellow cannabis aficionados, relish in their favorite products, and bask in moments of pure joy within a secure and welcoming environment.”

Smoke and Mirrors stands as the harbinger of a burgeoning trend, with several cannabis consumption lounges slated to make their debut across Nevada in the coming year, following the CCB’s green light to an initial cohort of licensees in June 2023. The genesis of this trend traces back to June 2022 when the CCB formally adopted regulations for such establishments, spurred by Nevada’s legalization of recreational cannabis in 2016 through the enactment of Question 2, the Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act. Notably, Question 2 also paved the way for the establishment of cannabis consumption lounges, offering a pragmatic solution to the issue of public consumption, which remains prohibited within the state.

Viewed through a wider lens, cannabis consumption lounges herald a potential boon for both the cannabis industry and enthusiasts alike, presenting a novel and immersive avenue to partake in the myriad benefits of marijuana. Moreover, they serve as a beacon for tourism, capitalizing on Nevada’s status as a magnet for millions of visitors annually, many of whom express a keen interest in sampling cannabis. Nonetheless, the nascent lounge industry confronts its fair share of hurdles and uncertainties, ranging from compliance with local and state regulations to competition from alternative entertainment options, compounded by the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Undeterred by these challenges, Smoke and Mirrors endeavors to set a gold standard within Nevada’s cannabis consumption lounge landscape. Britten articulates his aspiration for the lounge to not only thrive commercially but also catalyze further reform and innovation within the cannabis sphere.

“We firmly believe that cannabis consumption lounges epitomize the future of the cannabis industry, and we take immense pride in spearheading this transformative movement,” Britten affirmed. “It is our fervent hope that Smoke and Mirrors will serve as a source of inspiration for fellow entrepreneurs, policymakers, and enthusiasts alike, igniting a collective embrace of the boundless potential inherent within cannabis and its vibrant culture.”


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