Relive the Magic: CROSSFADED Spring Finale Recap at Endgame Mesa

crossfaded trap culture

Trap Culture’s CROSSFADED events have become a staple in the Arizona cannabis scene, offering a unique blend of smoke, drink, games, and music.

The final CROSSFADED event of the spring, held at Endgame in Mesa on May 25th, was a night filled with elation and elevation. This unforgettable evening featured an incredible lineup of DJs, top-tier cannabis brands, and an atmosphere that allowed attendees to shift their vibes with ease.

Posted by Trap Culture on Tuesday, June 11, 2024

A Musical Journey Through CROSSFADED

The night was alive with the sounds of DJ Mezcal, FrE$h.wEt, and Jane Vanderbilt, each spinning their sets between two rooms. This setup allowed attendees to wander between spaces and find the vibe that resonated with them. Whether it was the eclectic beats of DJ Mezcal, the high-energy tracks from FrE$h.wEt, or the unique sounds that could only be conjured by the one and only, Jane Vanderbilt, there was something for everyone. Each DJ created a distinct atmosphere, making it easy to tailor the night to personal tastes.

A Cannabis Lover’s Paradise

CROSSFADED was more than just a musical experience; it was a paradise for cannabis enthusiasts. The event featured some of the best and most popular brands in the industry, offering a wide array of products for attendees to enjoy. Here’s a rundown of the brands that made the night extra special:

  • PURA: Known for their commitment to purity and quality, PURA offers a range of cannabis products designed to elevate the consumer experience.
  • Verano (Savvy and Essence): Verano’s brands, Savvy and Essence, are renowned for their premium quality and diverse product offerings, catering to both new and experienced users.
  • GreenPharms: A local favorite, GreenPharms is celebrated for their top-shelf cannabis and dedication to the community.
  • Mad Terp Labs: Specializing in high-quality concentrates, Mad Terp Labs is a go-to for cannabis connoisseurs looking for potent extracts.
  • CIGAWEEDS: Merging the worlds of cannabis and cigars, CIGAWEEDS offers a unique and luxurious smoking experience.
  • Alien Labs: With a reputation for out-of-this-world strains, Alien Labs consistently delivers top-tier cannabis products.
  • Connected Cannabis: Known for their premium cannabis flower, Connected sets the standard for quality and potency.
  • PRIMO Cannagars: Offering handcrafted cannabis cigars, PRIMO Cannagars are perfect for those seeking a sophisticated smoking experience.
  • Leafers: A rising star in the cannabis industry, Leafers is dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable cannabis.
  • High Grade: High Grade is committed to producing premium cannabis products that elevate the consumer experience.
  • Merry Mariposa: Known for their organic and sustainable practices, Merry Mariposa offers a range of eco-friendly cannabis products.
  • House Exotics: Specializing in rare and exotic strains, House Exotics delivers a unique and memorable cannabis experience.
  • Pucks: Pucks is known for their innovative and flavorful cannabis products, making them a favorite among enthusiasts.
  • MINT Cannabis: A well-known name in the Arizona cannabis scene, MINT Cannabis offers a wide range of high-quality products.
  • WTF Extracts: Renowned for their potent and flavorful concentrates, WTF Extracts is a must-try for extract lovers.
  • Sneakers: Combining style and substance, Sneakers offers premium cannabis products with a fashionable twist.
  • AZ Nectar Farms: Dedicated to producing high-quality cannabis, AZ Nectar Farms is a trusted name in the industry.

An All-Around Experience

In addition to the stellar music and top-notch cannabis products, CROSSFADED offered a range of activities to keep the fun going all night. Attendees could engage in various games, adding an element of play to the evening. Whether it was classic arcade games or interactive group challenges, there was no shortage of entertainment.

Next Up: Buds and Bikinis

As the CROSSFADED event series comes to a close for the spring, Trap Culture is already gearing up for the next big event: Buds and Bikinis. This pool party is set to take place on June 27 and promises to be the ultimate summer kickoff. Imagine lounging poolside with your favorite cannabis products, sipping on refreshing drinks, and soaking up the sun. With a lineup of DJs to keep the beats flowing and a variety of games to keep the energy high, Buds and Bikinis is shaping up to be an event you won’t want to miss.

But that’s not all! The June Buds and Bikinis event is just the beginning of our summer pool party series. The second installment will take place on July 27, and the third on August 31, each running from 7-11 p.m. Make sure to mark your calendars for these can’t-miss events, and stay tuned to see what Trap Culture comes up with next!


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