CIGAWEEDS: The Last Smoke You’ll Ever Need

Old habits die hard, that’s why there’s Cigaweeds!

Cigaweeds are cultivated in Northern Arizona, on the same ancient land that once flourished under the care of our earliest agricultural ancestors. Each Cigaweed is made with the same nurturing and dutiful spirit as was present among those first stewards of this rich land. 

Our patented Cigaweeds products are made with top-tier flower to ensure only the smoothest, most satisfying smoking experience, without having to cough through sticks and stems to satisfy your craving. Most importantly, our flower is free of chemicals and additives often found in tobacco products, making cannabis products like Cigaweeds a seemingly more fitting alternative for many. 

These product feature the latest in proprietary hemp filter technology and uncanny design, further making it a natural alternative to cigarette filters, which are comprised of rayon and plastics.

Cigaweeds have a discrete, cig-like appearance and the soothing, rewarding flavor of terpene-rich flower, making it the perfect travel companion for those who are looking to reach for something other than the same old pack without drawing too much attention. 
Cannabinoids in marijuana are increasingly used to treat symptoms related to withdrawal. For many people, these symptoms, which can include headaches, irritability, depression and anxiety, represent challenges to daily life. Despite its modest size, each Cigaweeds smoke packs plenty of cannabinoids, providing you with the tools to quell cravings and easily manage dosage. 

Cigaweeds are currently available in all GreenPharms dispensary locations, with more dispensaries soon to be carrying this innovative new brand.