Anti-Cannabis Tucker Carlson out at FOX News

On the day of his ouster, a look back at the anti-cannabis pundit’s greatest lies and misinformation about the plant and its benefits.

Tucker Carlson has been known for his vocal criticism of cannabis and hemp for years. However, as of today, Tucker Carlson has been fired by Fox News, following the aftermath of Dominion’s lawsuit against Fox News. In the lawsuit, it was discovered that despite clearly knowing the falsity of narratives and conspiracies surrounding the 2020 election results, Carlson continued to knowingly and proactively allow a platform for them to spread.

This has led many to question whether his misinformation and lies, which include those he proliferated over mass media, have led to his demise as a primetime media figure. Those of us in the cannabis community, however, can breathe a sigh of relief for the moment, considering that, at the very least, he won’t be spreading lies about cannabis for a little while.

Carlson has made a number of negative comments about cannabis and hemp over the years.

In 2017, he claimed that cannabis is “a drug that makes you stupid” and “a gateway drug to harder drugs.” In 2018, he claimed that hemp is “a scam” and “a way for big business to get rich off of the backs of farmers.” In 2019, he claimed that cannabis is “a drug that is destroying our country” and “a threat to our national security.” And in 2020, he claimed that cannabis is “a drug that is making our children violent” and “a danger to our schools.” These statements have obviously been widely criticized by experts and advocates, who say that Carlson’s comments are based on misinformation and fear-mongering, and that they do a disservice to the millions of Americans who use cannabis safely and responsibly.

Despite Carlson’s claims, the facts remain that cannabis is not a gateway drug. In fact, studies have shown that cannabis use can actually reduce the risk of using other drugs. Hemp is not a scam, but rather a versatile plant with a wide range of potential uses, including as a source of food, fiber, and building materials. The cannabis industry is not destroying our country, but rather is a multi-billion dollar industry that is creating jobs and generating tax revenue. And cannabis is not making our children violent, but rather studies have shown that cannabis use can actually reduce the risk of violence.

Carlson’s comments about cannabis and hemp have been harmful because they spread misinformation and fear about these substances. This misinformation can discourage people from using cannabis safely and responsibly, and it can also lead to discrimination against people who use cannabis.

It is important to remember that cannabis is a safe and effective medicine on which many people rely. It is also a versatile plant with a wide range of potential uses. We should not let the fear-mongering of Tucker Carlson and others prevent us from benefiting from these substances. Perhaps Carlson’s firing from Fox News today serves as a reminder that spreading false narratives and conspiracies can have consequences. While his commentary on cannabis and hemp may not have contributed directly to his downfall as a political pundit, it may provide pundits near and far pause for consideration, and possibly even a return to a distinction between news and entertainment.