Join us for Mangia Ganja, the ultimate 21+ food truck festival where cannabis connoisseurs elevate their munchie game with stellar eats, cool beats, and the finest treats!

#1 Arizona Cannabis Event Company

True Consumption

Trap Culture brings is dedicated to provide the  most legit consumption friendly events in the valley

A New Experience Of NIght Life

Trap Culture brings a new way to celebrate the night with our consumption friendly events

MOre Than Just Cannabis

Trap Culture collaborates with the best cannabis brands in arizona to put on events that You wont forget



Nothing beats lighting one up in the pool surrounded by your favorite brands. Relax and Kickback with live music and more

From Wave pools to arcades and lazy rivers, Cannafest always has something in store to keep us stoners  Entertained

Eat  foods from local vendors while enjoying your favorite cannabis products with live music, games, and more.

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Nevada’s First Cannabis Consumption Lounge to Open in Las Vegas Feb 23rd

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OR Congressman Blumenauer urges DEA to clarify marijuana rescheduling plans

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War on Drugs: Reflecting On The Ongoing Battle During Black History Month

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Trap to Table: 5 Big Tips for Hosting a Stellar Cannabis-Infused Valentine’s Day Dinner

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Critical Breakthrough: Navigating the Complex Shift in Federal Marijuana Policy

Understanding the Implications of the Latest Federal Marijuana Policy Updates In a groundbreaking move this January, the Department of Health and Human Services...

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